Iron Sharpens Iron Event Host

Box If your affiliate meets the following requirements and you are interested in hosting an Iron Sharpens Iron event, please contact Operations Director, Jim Conzelman at 

Facility Requirements

  • 8,000+ sf floor space (we need to be able to host 60 athletes)
  • Equipment: accommodate 30 attendees simultaneously (56 PVC pipes, 31 bars, 62 clips, 20 rings, dip stations, pull-up stations, ideally 29 rowers, kettlebells: 11 x 8 kg, 11 x 12 kg, 29 x 16 kg, 11 x 24 kg, 4 x 32 kg)
  • Main gym area and equipment must be designated for the ISI event for the weekend. Normal classes may be held outside or in a separate area. Sessions begin at 6:45pm Friday and run until 1pm Sunday.

Host Requirements

  • Actively involved in a local Faith Rx’d Chapter or eligible to start one; an established chapter helps to ensure we maximize participation, supplies volunteers, and the opportunity for local attendees to continue where the event leaves off
  • Provide a lead staff or volunteer who can speak for the box to interface with Faith Rx’d Iron Sharpens Iron staff; 8 weeks out we will begin weekly contact to review progress and finalize details
  • 2 volunteers to help with setup, participant check-in, retail and A/V support throughout the weekend; these can be from the local chapter if there is one
  • Assistance with finding host housing
  • Recommendation of two nearby options for a host hotel with a special group discount
  • Recommendation of a nearby, preferably outdoor (weather permitting) venue for the Saturday night social that can accommodate 60 attendees, some of whom may be under 21
  • Affiliate waiver ready for registrants to complete during registration, and an insurance policy which covers special training events
  • Hospitality table during the camp to include refreshments like coconut water, coffee, water and light snacks such as bars and fruit
  • 2 x 8 ft table for Faith Rx’d check-in and retail
  • Screen, white wall or large dry-erase board for our projector
  • Extension cord and power strip to the center of the box for our laptop and projector
  • Dinner tables and chairs to comfortably seat 70
  • Wireless internet

Promotion Expectation

  • Frequent affiliate website, newsletter and social media announcements from all local boxes and shared sites about the camp (regional affiliate Facebook group sites are especially effective)
  • Flyers posted at all local boxes

Host Benefits

  • 2 free event spots normally given to the key volunteers mentioned above who will be helping throughout the weekend
  • website exposure for up to six months
  • Numerous Faith Rx’d and attendee social media mentions
  • A Faith Rx’d banner to hang in your box
  • The opportunity to associate your affiliate with elite coaching and a powerful event making a lasting impact on your local fitness community and beyond!