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Iron Sharpens Iron Cardiff, UK

Get ready to unite faith and fitness into


World Class Coaching

Join our hand-picked team of world class coaches and diverse athletes like you from across the UK and beyond for this one-of-a-kind weekend training event. Both the seasoned, competitive athlete and the weekend warrior with a new year’s resolution will take home new skills, perspective and fire to build strength that lasts.

Renewed Purpose

You’ll learn how your faith can bring renewed purpose to your athletic performance, profession and relationships, and steer you in the direction God desires for your life. Fitness skill sessions will help you build safe, efficient and effective technique in an inspirational and constructive environment with workouts providing additional opportunity for application and guidance.

3 Days to Transform Your Life

A shirt, healthy dinner Saturday night, and perspective on how to honor God through your training and life are all included. You’ll also have the opportunity to join an event-specific Facebook group where you can continue to be encouraged by fellow participants and coaches long after the event has concluded. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” -Proverbs 27:17    


  Billy Shelton Billy Shelton:   transitioned a 13 year career in pharmaceutical sales to full time coaching and Programs Director with FAITH RXD focusing on service, launching new chapters and Games booth presence. CrossFit Hendersonville coach, CrossFit L2.             Ben Alderman:   Multi-year top 10 CrossFit Regionals Competitor, Head Coach and Owner of Iron Mile Fitness, Beyond the Barbell podcast founder and host, inventor of the “Iron Mile” workout (a 1 mile, 275 pound yoke carry with a 3, over-the-yoke, burpee penalty for every drop), CF L1 coach since 2009, experienced MMA fighter, CF  Coaches Prep, CF Powerlifting, Kendrick Farris Athlete Camp, the Explosive Seminar.             Matt Wilcox:  FAITH RXD Meridian Region Advisor               BJ Stagner: Former collegiate All American football player; Crossfit Five Stones affiliate, gym director, CrossFit L1 Coach, gym chaplain. Has been in the ministry since 1997, pastoring 12 years in Tennessee and currently pastoring two locally planted churches in South Wales since 2014; Chaplain of FAITH RXD Cardiff.               Johnny Pedlow:  FAITH RXD Belfast Chapter Director

Feedback from our Previous Events

“One of the most powerful events I’ve ever been a part of. The seminar has changed many things in my personal and faith life and I can’t thank the coaches enough for how well the event was managed.” “I absolutely LOVED my experience!” “ISI was truly what it says – pursuing excellence and being challenged spiritually, physically and mentally.” “Wonderful! I needed to see that it was possible to incorporate two passions and have them work together for the better.” “Thank you! I thought ISI was a great use of my time and money.” “The blend of so many CF and faith-based elements made for a well-rounded weekend, and the staff, their professionalism and desire to invest themselves ultimately made the event a top-notch experience.” “Combining workouts with great sessions on God and Faith just doesn’t get much better.” “It by far exceeded my expectations, and was hands down the best training event I have attended. Coming together, learning from the best, and sharing our love and faith in Christ was very powerful. The event has extremely motivated me to use the gifts God has given me, and I want to invest more time serving God, and less time just living for myself.” “It has greatly impacted me and the love and motivation felt at the event was incredible.” “I felt called to be there and I am definitely praying about my next steps. I honestly feel this is the type of thing God has been preparing me for and this may be where I start by helping with this ministry.”


FRIDAY 5:00 pm Optional Workout hosted by the gym 6:45 pm Check-in 7:00 pm Welcome, Coach Introductions, FAITH RXD Mission 7:40 pm Faith Session 1: True Strength 8:25 pm Breakout by Region 1 SATURDAY 8:30 am Fitness Session 1 10:15 am Faith Session 2: Christ-Centered Living 11:15 am Breakout by Region 2 12:10 pm Lunch Break 1:30 pm Choice Seminar 1: Fitness A: Athlete Focus: goal setting, competition prep, & mental strategy B: Box Management Focus: optimizing the client experience, developing strong coaches, & profit strategy C: Coach Focus: how can faith inform your coaching? 2:20 pm Fitness Session 2: Workout 3:30 pm Choice Seminar 2: Faith 4:30 pm Break 6:00 pm Dinner (provided onsite) 7:00 pm Panel Discussion: Faith & Fitness 8:00 pm Social SUNDAY 8:30 am Faith Session 3: Impact 9:40 am Breakout by Region 3 10:35 am Fitness Session 3: Snatch 12:15 pm Photos, Survey & Closing Remarks 1:00 pm End

Group Discounted Hotel

The Village Hotel, Cardiff 29 Pendwyallt Rd Cardiff CF14 7EF, UK 3.5 miles from box (10 min drive)


How often and where do you offer these seminars? We offer ISI seminars two to three times per year at a large CrossFit affiliate. What if I own a box and want to host one? Please click here. Do I have to be an “elite” athlete, box owner or coach to participate? Not at all! Whatever profession or direction you scale workouts (up or down), you will leave with a better understanding of movement power and efficiency, and a clearer vision of how to carry out your faith in your sphere of influence. Do I have to be a Christian to attend? No! We welcome and encourage everyone to attend. There will be high level coaching as well as a clear presentation of the Christian gospel and opportunities to grow in your faith and ask questions. How many will be able to attend? We cap at 55. Will the host gym have showers? Yes. Note: purchased tickets are not refundable but are transferable through coordination with FAITH RXD.
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