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Claiming Your New Identity

I never felt much like an “athlete” growing up. I wasn’t involved in many sports. In high school I preferred things like show choir (jazz hands!) and the Latin club (nerd alert!).   I never identified myself as an “athlete.” But when I got into functional fitness, other people began to identify me that way. I still remember […]

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Get In the Game

What fitness goals do you have this new year? Athletes always have goals, whether they want bigger muscles, heavier lifts, or faster times, athletes seek something bigger. Maybe you wouldn’t consider yourself an athlete…yet. If you’re not, could you make your goal to become one? Get in the game. Stop being a spectator. Stop talking […]

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Single-Arm Service

We all have our favorite movements and our most challenging movements.  But any movement that is single-arm or single-leg, tops my list of challenging movements. Isolating one side reminds me how much weaker the left-side of my body is than my right side. One-arm presses on my left side are ugly. One-legged squats on my […]

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The Challenge to Choose Suffering Over Sin

I was recently challenged to complete “Michael,” a Hero workout. “Michael” honors Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. The workout involves three 800-meter runs among other things, but the runs are the most challenging part for me because… I despise running. Nearing the turn-around point of the third […]

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