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Interview with Andrea Johnson | Training God’s Temple

This month we sat down with Andrea Johnson, Coach and Co-Owner of  Temple Training. She shares her story of how Jesus turned the lives around of her and her husband, Ben. After watching so many of their brothers and sisters struggle with preventable diseases, Andrea and Ben decided to open their own gym. We are honored to have them as financial supporters of FAITH RXD and involved with our Allied Affiliate Program. To learn more about Allied Affiliates and other box’s around the US who support us, please click here.  Enjoy the interview.   What makes Temple Training different?   Since the beginning we have had a desire to bring faith and fitness to the faith-based community. We have seen so many of God’s people struggle to fulfill their calling because of poor health. We knew there had to be a better way. Our focus since 2010 has been to provide a place where the people of God can come to train their temple.       What is the story behind your box and why you started it?   We have watched so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ struggle to fulfill their purpose and call in life due to preventable illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and just general poor health. We knew we had the answer!    When we discovered CrossFit we knew that this form of training was the way! We saw the camaraderie, the community, and the encouragement that it provided.  We tried to bring awareness to the community through Faith and Fitness events inside the church but we wanted more. And from the moment we found FAITH RXD we knew we wanted to be a part of this amazing organization.    Because Temple Training is a grass roots gym (we started in the basement of our home) it did take us a few years to come to the place where we felt comfortable officially joining FAITH RXD. We were blessed to move into a brick and mortar facility in August of 2018 and the first thing we did was join FAITH RXD!       What is your favorite member story?     There are so many, but if we had to select one it would be Mya H. she has been with us almost since the beginning. She started out as a personal training client and moved into the group classes. Mya hates everything about working out; from the sweating, to the need to eat properly; and she is not afraid to voice her opinion! But Mya has always been consistent when it comes to showing up to class.    There have been a couple significant moments in Mya’s life where she has really talked to me and asked for prayer. Over the years she has found her way back to church and even spoken of how she knows it’s God that has seen her through things.    These last few weeks have been really challenging for her and she has not been in the gym because she was with her mother who was in poor health and passed away. Prior to losing her mom she texted me and said she missed the gym. Words I didn’t think I would ever hear from Mya.  We, as a gym family, have surrounded her in prayer during this extremely challenging time. Although, this is new territory for us, we are confident God will comfort her and we are blessed to know that we are able to be there for her.       Do you have a life verse, or verse that you live by?   Be strong, therefore, and let not your hands be weak and slack, for your work shall be rewarded. I Corinthians 15:7 This is the first scripture painted on the gym wall. It serves as a reminder, not only to the athletes in the gym, but to us as well.       How did you come to know the Lord?   I grew up in the church but I did not fall in love with Jesus until after my son was born (1996). I was hired for a position that I knew did not qualify for and I met a lady there that was on fire for Jesus! It had to be by divine design.    My heart was ready to receive what she shared with me. She ministered to me and we even had Bible study in the office one day per week. I found myself wanting a relationship with the Lord and the rest is history. It would be several years before my husband was fully on board but even that is an awesome testimony. We now serve side by side in our home church and in our gym.     What has your relationship with Him been like?   God has been by my side through some trying times. He mended my marriage, he healed my children, and he has been our provider and guide through starting a ministry and a business. Just when you think, “OK God, we are good” He takes you to another level in Him!    I love the Lord and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can depend on Him! He is so faithful!       How has it impacted the way you view business?   This is an area that has been a challenge for us. In our mind, will, and emotion we tend to rely on the flesh to make things happen and to judge success. But God always reminds us that His ways are not our ways!    I am learning (I say it like that because it is a work in progress) that if I keep my mind on him, seek him first in all that I do, and pray constantly He will reveal the path! As I said, it is a work in progress. This is why I LOVE FAITH RXD! When we get around like-minded people, even if it’s on a Zoom call, it is so uplifting to know that we are not alone in this journey!!     Why did you decide to join Allied Affiliates?   We wholeheartedly believe in the mission and it truly is our life’s purpose! Why would we try to do this on our own when we could be a part of such an amazing work!       What does it mean to unite Faith and Fitness?   We believe that by uniting Faith and Fitness we are helping others to fulfill their purpose! We believe that by uniting Faith and Fitness we are fulfilling the great commission! ____________________

Allied Affiliates

It is because of men and women like Andrea and Ben that FAITH RXD is able to do what we do. Allied Affiliates are CrossFit boxes that have partnered with FAITH RXD and support our mission. If you would like to learn more, please click the button below or email us      
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