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Athlete Mindset | Ben Alderman on Glorifying God During The Open

Right before the 2018 CrossFit Open, Ben Alderman spoke to the FAITH RXD community via Facebook Live on how to glorify God during the Open. As he says, “There’s so much more to life than just sets or reps.” Ben Alderman is a multi-year top 10 CrossFit Regionals Competitor, Head Coach and Owner of Iron Mile Fitness, Beyond the Barbell podcast founder and host, inventor of the “Iron Mile” workout (a 1 mile, 275 pound yoke carry with a 3, over-the-yoke, burpee penalty for every drop), CF L1 coach since 2009, experienced MMA fighter, CF Coaches Prep, CF Powerlifting, Kendrick Farris Athlete Camp, the Explosive Seminar. Ben is also a frequent coach for Iron Sharpens Iron, our three immersive Faith and Fitness Camp. To learn more about our next Camp, click below.
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