FREE Resource- Right Now Media

What is Right Now Media? Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of the Village Church in Dallas, TX,  probably said it best, “It’s like the Netflix of Christian Bible study.” They have a curated list of thousands of Bible Studies on video. Their app allows you to access their content no matter where you’re at; whether that’s at home, in the morning doing your quiet time; in your hotel room at night, when you’re on a business trip; lounging on vacation; or you’re commuting in your car. This resource is free when you sign up through FAITH RXD. Click here to sign up and click here to download the app.  Make sure you download the Right Now Media @Work version.    

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  1. Katie November 13, 2018 at 8:01 pm #

    It says you have to be an employee or affiliated with an empioyee and have to check a box saying so….