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We Train to Make HIS Name Famous | Alistair McNally

I have been a follower of FAITH RXD and a Crossfitter for quite sometime now. Being a pastor in a very busy church has always been a challenge to keep the physical discipline in place but Crossfit always gave me an outlet to find this dynamic opportunity to work out. I became more attracted to the work at the core of FAITH RXD, the missionary appeals in times of need and their ability to outwork the calling at events shamelessly. Recently I received the opportunity to move from Hillsong London to Hillsong Australia as a teaching pastor. The process had already taken 10 months. It has been an extensive time of waiting for my spousal visa to be granted and the waiting time even came to 27 months. Nevertheless upon inquiring I was told that my application had been non-existent and I would have to re-apply again and it could be up to another 19 months. Despite having copies of received mail, it was almost impossible to speak to the embassy. I started to question whether or not Gods calling was in the mix of this move. However, the simple and yet very accessible text came though with words of encouragement and a small verse to focus on. I have always enjoyed these messages and it helps me, especially as a pastor, to become challenged to how the Spirit may be moving through his word. In that moment the message came through expressing “At the end of this life only one name will matter. We train to make His name famous”. In this I felt a sense of calm and release that God was in control regardless and the ultimate purpose was His name to ends of the earth and to where would be sent. Knowing that my community around me would be praying and that others on the group would all be running the same race. Within 24 hours I received an email expressing that my visa was granted and I now was able to fulfill the next walk in my calling as teaching Pastor at Hillsong College to tutor, prepare, teach and equip the next generation of leaders in all areas of their lives. For it is in these times that we come closer to our calling, but our training requires strength of body, mind and character- knowing that the fight we have is to reach the unreachable and declare His name so that no one stands in disarray before God. We train with an eschatological purpose. If you would like to receive these daily Bible verses and encouraging message, please text “@winwithhim” to the number 81010, or if you outside of the US send “@winwithhim” on WhatsApp to 1.402.578.1852.
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