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Athlete Mindset | Forgiveness and Surrender

  On this episode of the Athlete Mindset, Athena Perez shares about her journey through forgiveness for her childhood abuse, how the Holy Spirit prodded her about her health and how it led to on a journey to loose 240+ lbs, and how we can shift our mindsets from resenting our bodies to being grateful for them and the blessing that they are. “For the better part of my life, I thought that God had forgotten about me… I didn’t understand why I had to go through what I went through… When she [her Christian therapist] said, ‘You’re going to have to forgive some people.’ When she first told me this, I said, “Hmmm… yeah, that’s not going to happen.'” Athena goes on to share, “I just started with a prayer, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, but, you know, I need your help.'”

One Response to Athlete Mindset | Forgiveness and Surrender

  1. Gail Ann November 12, 2018 at 6:04 pm #

    Athena, I just listened to the entire story. Truly amazing and so inspiring. I’m glad that you are able to share your story. It makes me think about how I need to forgive someone in my past. It’s so hard but in order for me to let go and heal from within I need to forgive.
    I enjoy attending the Faith RX meetings in Apple Valley so I can get stronger inside and out. I too have found crossfit as a safe haven or safe place in the beginning. It was mine and my daughters safe place at first and now it’s become a lot more than just another gym. It’s my new family.
    I willl have to some day share my story with you but for now I have enjoyed listening to yours. See you at the gym.