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Faith Workout 1809.2 | Coaches Share the SOURCE of their HOPE

READ Matthew 28: 19-20 REFLECT If you read yesterday’s interview of Kelly Barcol, then you know how profound one conversation can be. Sharing our testimonies and sharing the Gospel with people is one of the most rewarding conversations you can ever have. However, we know that for many it can be intimidating and scary as well. The Life Conversations Guide App has tackled that and created an amazing resource to make sharing the Gospel easy and simple. It answers questions like, “What was GOD’s DESIGN?” And, “How did we depart from God’s Design through SIN?” To, “Can anyone escape BROKENNESS and what does BROKENNESS feel like?”   Life Conversations Guide   This structure of sharing the story of who God is and what he’s done for us is used by our entire organization. We would encourage you to download the app and go through their step by step guide. After you have had the chance to do that, we would love to hear your stories of how you have used it! SKILL WORK
  1. Download  the Life Conversations Guide App and go through their simple program. It’s only a few minutes. Maybe grab some friends to do it with you.
  2. Practice going through it with a few close people to you. It will help build your confidence and comfort levels.
  3. Spend some time praying and asking God who you should share with. Then ask him for boldness and strength to step into that conversation.
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