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Athlete Mindset | Coaches in the Faith Strive for Unity

Our focus this month is on transitioning from being a COMPETITOR in the Faith, to being a COACH in the Faith. It’s taking how we’ve been living for Christ a step further, and helping others live for Christ as well… having influence and pouring into others. Today, Dennis Funderburg, CEO and Chaplain at Crossfit Grandbury, takes us for a walk on the beach where he discusses the areas of our lives where we should seek unity. After watching the video, spend some time journaling and thinking through these questions:
  1. What does Unity mean and look like?
  2. What does it NOT mean or look like?
  3. Is there an area of your life where the Enemy has been able to steal, kill, or destroy to ultimately disrupt Unity? What are those areas of pride or insecurities?
    1. How has that gotten in the way of Unity with others?
    2. How has that gotten in the way of Unity within your family?
    3. How has that gotten in the way of Unity at work or with other organizations?
    4. How has that gotten in the way of Unity in church or your FAITH RXD Chapter?
  4. As you look at your own heart, are you motivated with an attitude and desire for Unity?
Did you know you’re not alone in this? Do you know that God is right here making all these things possible? Spend time with him and in his word, be led by his love, let him pour into, and he’ll work through you. It’s like Dennis said, the enemy wouldn’t try to steal something that wasn’t of value, he wouldn’t try to kill something that is alive, and he would try to destroy something that is already established. Spend some time praying and asking God for a heart and attitude that drives out of unity. Pray that everything you do strives to bring Unity to others, to families, to organizations, and in the church.  
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