FAITH RXD Celebrates Five Years!

Five years ago Co-Founders Jim and Becky Conzelman and Chip Pugh gathered on June 10th and envisioned a community transformed by the gospel, UNITED and STRONG in the faith. From that meeting, FAITH RXD was born. We are incredibly humbled by the amazing things God has done since then.
  • He has grown our community to 85 chapters across 9 countries.
  • We have given out 10,000 Athlete New Testatments.
  • And through these efforts, God has used our community to encourage and strengthen people in their relationships with Jesus.
It is because of all of you, your hearts, and your involvement that lives are being changed for the better. We are excited about what God is going to do with FAITH RXD over the next 5, 10, and 50 years! If you are not already involved in a chapter, we would love to connect you to the next FAITH RXD Chapter Meeting in your area! Find a Chapter Already involved? Consider donating and helping us grow so we can start more chapters in other areas. Donate Now
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