Training on a Mission

AthleteWord: My MISSION till I die is to make ONE name famous! STRENGTH WORK Genesis 1:26-31 What is your purpose for training? Why do you spend time developing strength, endurance, and physical fitness?  There could be many good reasons for aiming to be physically fit, but have you ever considered your personal motivation? DISCUSSION
  1. Spend a few minutes discussing your reasons for training.  What is your definition of success?  How do you know if your purpose has been reached?
  When discovering our purpose for training it can be helpful to ask an even bigger question: Why are we here on this planet?  Our reasons for training are ultimately guided by how we view the purpose for life. What can we learn from scripture? The Bible proclaims God uniquely designed us to reflect His image (Genesis 1:26-27).  We were created to put God on display.  How do we accomplish this mission?
  1. God created us to ENJOY His gifts.  The first thing God did for human beings was to “bless them.”  This means He gave us everything we need.  Everything we possess is a gift from God.  Just as everything created was given the ability and environment to flourish, human beings were given everything necessary to thrive on this earth.
  2. God created us to SHARE His gifts.  After blessing human beings God gave them instructions.  He said to “be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.”  God desires for human beings to thrive by spreading His grace to all creation.
So, why do followers of Christ train physically?  We are on a mission from God to to enjoy His gifts and share them with others.  Every repetition is an opportunity to enjoy God and His gifts of breathing hard, moving, and competing.  Every workout is an opportunity to prepare for the enjoyment life can bring through work and play. But, our training can also be a way of sharing God’s gifts.  While we train alongside others we can help them enjoy the gifts of God, and our training can also provide more energy to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.   When God made everything on earth He looked at what He created and called it “good.”  But after He created human beings He said something different.  He blessed human beings, gave them His instructions, and then scripture says: “God saw all that He had made and it was VERY good.” (Genesis 1:31) When our training becomes a way to fulfill the mission of God, God takes great pleasure in seeing His children enjoy His gifts and share them with the world. SKILL WORK
  1. How can you enjoy God’s gifts through your training?
  2. How can you share God’s gifts through your training?
  3. For the next 7 days, commit to sharing the gifts God has given you in specific ways.
  4. Share God’s gifts through the “Naughty or Nice” event at a gym near you.

One Response to Training on a Mission

  1. Lyle Johnson December 11, 2017 at 5:05 am #

    Good post. We can enjoy God’s gifts by taking care of our temples so we can live our lives more abundantly the way God intended.