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AthleteWord: These all died in faith, not having receive the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar” – Hebrews 11:13 ESV READ Hebrews 11:13-16 REFLECT Competitors strive to win the prize by enduring strict training in a gym a long way from the arena.  They wake up every day with their eyes of faith on the prize.  They train in a place that resembles gameday – a place filled with sweat, soreness, and strain.  But it’s far away from the cheers of the crowd in the arena. Competitors know where championships are truly won, so many will admit they love the grind of training even more than the fruit of gameday. DISCUSSION
  1. How do competitors remain steadfast under the trials of training?
  2. What keeps them fighting every day?
The champions in Hebrews 11 were praised for keeping faith in the promises of God even though “they died without receiving the things promised.”  What kept them believing?  They kept their eyes of faith on the promises, not their circumstances.  Isn’t this what great competitors do? Special emphasis was placed on Abraham and his family in this section of Hebrews 11.  Abraham was given four amazing promises:
  1. He would be given innumerable descendants, even though he hadn’t even fathered his first child at the age of 90.
  2. The Lord would be his God and the God of his descendants.
  3. God would give Abraham and his descendants an everlasting inheritance.
  4. Through Abraham and his seed, all nations on earth would be blessed.*
Scripture says each of these promises were fulfilled many years later through a Man who was born from Abraham’s family tree.  Jesus Christ fulfilled all these promises through His life, death, and resurrection.  We have opportunity to receive these promises as our own when we choose to follow Jesus. “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” – Galatians 3:29 Skill Work
  1. List at least three ways these promises can allow you to live a life of hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. What false promises does the world offer to base your life upon?
  3. Have you received these promises by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord?  If not, consider the decision to begin a relationship with Jesus today.  Contact us for the next steps of the journey.
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