Faith Workout: Last One Standing

“Whoever lives like this will always stand strong” – Psalm 15 READ Psalm 15 REFLECT Dictionaries define a champion as one who “defeats or surpasses all rivals in competition.”  Champions are the last ones standing.  Next week, the sport of fitness will crown the last ones standing as individual and team champions.  What qualities will these competitors possess?  What does it take to be the last one standing in the CrossFit Games? God defines His champions the same way.  According to Psalm 15, God’s champions are the ones who “will always stand strong.”  Even though the challenges of life knock them down, they always rise again.  They will be the last ones standing.

“…though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again” (Proverbs 24:16)

  1. What qualities do God’s champions possess according to Psalm 15?
  2. What does this Scripture teach us about God’s highest values?
  3. Which of these qualities are missing in your life?
  4. Spend time in prayer asking God to show you these qualities through Christ.
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