Faith Workout: 100-Year Goals

“Only ONE man’s APPROVAL will matter 100 years from now, so it’s the only one that matters TODAY!” – AthleteWord of the Day READ Philippians 3:10-14 REFLECT Goal-setting is an important activity for anyone who desires to live a life of purpose.  I have had success setting short-term goals like 30-day or 40-day goals.  I have also enjoyed the discipline of setting 1-year goals and 5-year goals.  But, another great way to renew a strong sense of purpose is in setting 100-year goals. If you are reading this, it’s likely you won’t be around in 100 years.  How do you hope to see your life in 100 years?  What will your life have accomplished?  What relationships will mean the most to you in 100 years?  These kinds of thoughts drive us to what matters most. The Scriptures urge us to think this way.  In order to find hope and purpose in the moment, we must firmly set our eyes on the goal that matters most. RESPOND
  1. In 100 years, whose approval will matter most?
  2. In 100 years, how will you know if you have honored God in your profession, training, and relationships?
  3. In 100 years, how will you know if you have lived the purpose for which you were made?
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