Faith Workout: Training Partners

“WHAT we stand FOR & WHO we stand WITH proves WHO we are.” – AthleteWord of the Day READ Acts 9:26-31 REFLECT When my athletes have been been forced to train alone while traveling, we hear a common admission.  They don’t train as hard by themselves.  Training partners push us.  They sharpen us.  Their presence holds us accountable and helps us stay committed. God designed us to thrive through relationships.  But our training partners can also have the reverse effect.  While they can push us to be better, they also have the power to pull us down.  God warns us to choose our training partners in life wisely. RESPOND
  1. List the five people you spend the most time with.
  2. Do these five individuals push you in your walk with Christ?
  3. What else do these five people teach you about yourself?
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