Athlete Testimonial: Jonathan Morgan

From the very beginning, life for me was a search for identity. I was raised in a military home and moved around a lot while growing up. With this lifestyle, I never felt like I had roots, or an identity with anything or anyone. Everything from sports, friendships, and houses were in constant state of change. But, as a naturally gifted athlete, I quickly excelled at both football and basketball, and due to the attention it gave me, sports quickly became a place I tried to find my joy and satisfaction. I was finally finding some identity. My life continued in this trend as I received an opportunity to play Division 1 football in South Carolina. But, little did I know the Lord was about invade my life and make Himself my supreme joy and treasure. My freshman year of college I met a guy who, over time, invested his life in me and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ ceaselessly with me. He explained to me that as humans we are all born into sin (Psalm 51:5). And that sin separates us from our good and holy Creator. But out of God’s mercy and grace (Ephesians 2:4-5) He sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to atone for our shortcomings and sinful nature. Jesus’ perfect life served, and continues to serve, as the bridge between us as sinful people, and a perfect God. For me, the game changer was that not only did he live a perfect life, but he also died for me (Romans 5:6) and He rose again to glory in heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. Nothing screamed out “love” to me more than these very facts (the news and work of Jesus). This news filled me up with a need to respond to it. So I did. I turned away from my sins (and continue to do so), and believed in what Jesus did for me (and continues to do so). I felt God’s saving life rush into me as a result of this receiving of the good news. I was given a new resuscitated passion for life and for competition. On December 30, 2006 Christ invaded my life, and He now reigns as my King and supreme joy and treasure. He now comes before family, friends, and even CrossFit. Since college, He has given me the sport of CrossFit, and as the creator of my body, I choose to glorify Him alone with every movement, lift, and competition.
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