Faith Workout: EAR-speed

“Let every person be quick to hear READ Luke 8:4-15 REFLECT At each “Iron Sharpens Iron” training camp our Olympic lifting coach, Spencer Arnold, reminds us of the importance of BAR-speed.  The speed of the bar will dictate your success in the snatch and clean.  Do we realize the speed principle is also vital in following Christ?  Just like BAR-speed when performing the snatch, the speed we listen with our ears dictates our ability to become strong in Christ. Jesus described four categories of soil which demonstrate the effectiveness of receiving seed that is sown.  His parable was meant to encourage us to “take care HOW we hear.”  Which soil best describes your EAR-speed? 1- Hard soil – This is the packed-down path around the perimeter of a garden.  This soil does not permit the seed to penetrate and produce fruit.  It represents the heart that is not open to the Word of God. 2- Rocky soil – This is soil that lacks depth due to rock interfering with the root.  It is similar to a heart that lacks foundation in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The heat of testing does not produce proper development, but, instead, it scorches a shallow, immature faith. 3- Thorny soil – This soil does not allow the plant to grow because it has not been well-maintained.  Weeds that choke the plant represent the worries and pleasures of this present world. 4- Good soil – This soil is soft enough to receive the seed, deep enough to grow roots, and clean enough to keep growing.  Jesus promises these qualities will not only permit strong personal growth but also produce 100 times its original strength through sharing our faith. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” – Luke 8:8 RESPOND 1- Which category of soil best describes your current spiritual condition? 2- What weeds do you need to cut back from your life to continue growing in Christ?  Worries?  Stuff?  Pleasures of this world? 3- What relationships and habits are crucial to cultivate into your life, so you can keep growing? 4- Look up James 1:21 & memorize it. 5- Ask God to give you “ears to hear” His Word clearly today.

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