Accolades to Be Praised

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. – Proverbs 1:7 We are often times fascinated with the abilities and talents of athletes. With the CrossFit Games fast approaching I am always amazed at what most of those athletes are able to complete and the incredible gifts they have. Every time I get a wild hair and decide to complete a CrossFit workout, what they do becomes more and more spectacular to me. The same reality is true when I watch professional basketball players or Olympic gold medal weightlifters or anyone really competing at an elite level. Their capacity and capability is something to be admired. Most recently that same amazement has been directed towards some of the accolades of who God is. For instance, in Jeremiah 22:30, God gives a filter by which we are able to understand his covenant faithfulness. He literally says that God’s promises are to be trusted more than we can trust the sun to rise each morning and the moon to set each night. Or Psalm 115:3 where God tells us that He sits in heaven, as ruler of the world, and He does whatever he pleases. Nothing is outside of his control or power. Or Mark 4 where the disciples are amazed that Jesus commands even the wind and the waves. At the sound of His voice creation bows before him. Or Psalm 5:3 where God says that He is so good and so perfect that He cannot even be associated or affiliated to evil. In more recent times where I have found myself faced with sadness, mourning, and I utter disbelief over some of the decisions being made around us, these facts bring me comfort. Nothing is outside the control of God and what He commands, allows, and ordains is always good. Furthermore He knows best and He is to be trusted far more than our own limited logic. I find that putting my faith and hope in men to bring about justice or in the possibility of man to do what is right often lets me down. However, I have never misplaced my trust when it is properly put in the hands of our Lord. We are fascinated by the abilities, talents, and athletic feats of our favorite superstars. It is important to remember that their gifts were given by God who exhibits for more fascinating character traits. God can be trusted and His power and judgment are just as real as His grace and his mercy. He is not to be underestimated and He IS to be worshipped and feared.

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