Faith Workout: Know Your Role

Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves…Romans 12:3 (NLT) READ Romans 12:1-8 REFLECT Are you a great teammate?  How do you know?  Strong teammates are those who prioritize the needs of the team above their own.  But, does this mean we should forget about ourselves as we consider the needs of others?  Actually, this passage emphasizes the opposite.  The best way we can help others is to evaluate ourselves. “Don’t think you are better than you really are.  Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.” (Romans 12:3 – NLT)  When we properly evaluate ourselves, we are able to assess the gifts we can use to build up our teammates.  As part of the body of Christ, we are valuable.  But, God has given each of us a role to fill which fits our talents and abilities.  Knowing our role allows us to fit into the overall purpose of the body.  Without this knowledge we may attempt to perform someone else’s role and neglect to contribute our part. “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts.  Use them well to serve one another” – 1 Peter 4:10 RESPOND 1 – Who is the greatest teammate you have ever known?  What qualities did they possess? 2 – How have you attempted to steal another’s role?  What made you feel the need to do so? 3 – Consider the spiritual gifts explained in Romans 12:6-8.  Which ones seem to describe you best? 4 – What are the greatest needs you continue to see around you?  Consider how this could help you clarify your particular gifts.
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