Faith Rx'd Good Friday WOD

A Powerful Shot

Athlete and founder of CrossFit Juggernaut, Keith Britton, says Shannon Tripp shot this photo of him carrying a barbell on his back similar in weight and distance to the cross Jesus and Simon of Cyrene carried outside Jerusalem some 1,984 years ago.   It was part of a Good Friday workout (Fran + 800m/95# barbell carry + 100 burpees) programmed by Faith Rx’d to help remind athletes of the pain and suffering Jesus experienced that day when He laid down His life in an act of sacrificial love for the human race (more on the crucifixion at Shannon was kind enough to answer a few questions: Frxd: Why did you take the photo of Keith? Shannon: We often take photos of athletes during their workouts.   It’s a great way to document their experience.   I knew how important this particular workout was for Keith, and took multiple shots throughout. Frxd: What did you use to take the photo? Shannon: My phone, a Moto X by Motorola. Frxd: What did you use to edit the photo before you posted it to Facebook? Shannon: The original image was a bit wider so it was cropped in Microsoft paint, but no other edits were made.   [image posted here is also a cropped version of the original Shannon sent us] Frxd: When did you realize this shot was special?   Describe your reaction, Keith’s and others who have seen it? Shannon: I didn’t notice until after he finished the WOD.   I was flipping through the shots and came across the image but didn’t fully comprehend the significance until I showed it to him and saw his reaction.   He was in awe.   Others have asked if I did anything to the photo, but I have been able to maintain with total integrity that it is the original.   It’s a powerful image captured for a reason.   Keith says he remembers how he felt at that moment, and the image stands as a testimony for him.

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