Billy Shelton Prov. 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take.” The Call Our small group was reading through the book, “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. We asked the question, “Are you doing what you feel God created you to do?” My answer was NO. I had been in the pharmaceutical sales world for nearly 14 years, but God had closed my heart to that profession.  But ministry had always been on my radar, even since the first year of our marriage. But I didn’t see myself on staff in a church building or see myself full-time in the mission field, but somewhere in between.  And God began to open my heart to the possibility of using CrossFit to spread the gospel. God gave me the vision of using CrossFit to spread the Good News in other countries, and to disciple CrossFitters in middle Tennessee. It was at this time that I met with Chip Pugh (co-founder of FAITH RXD) after repeated reminders from my wife that I needed to do so. So Chip and I met in Cookeville, TN, and I shared the vision with Chip and he said, “Billy, I have to stop you right there. We (Jim, Becky, and Chip) have been praying for the past year that someone would come to us with the same vision that you just mentioned to me.” It was a clear confirmation from God that this was where He was leading me. I met with Jim and Becky a few days later sharing with them the same vision and they confirmed what Chip had told me a few days before. And about six months later I came on staff with FAITH RXD. About FAITH RXD FAITH RXD is a nonprofit organization with the mission of strengthening the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact. With over 60 chapters set up across the country as well as in Canada, UK, and Ukraine, FAITH RXD is reaching this community thru weekly meetings that involve a community workout and devotional. The chapters allow for the opportunity to meet people where they are and give them the chance to hear the gospel. With FAITH RXD, I serve as our Programs Director, responsible for onboarding new chapters, discipleship training, and our mission and service outreach, where we are working with missionaries who are using CrossFit to impact the Kingdom in other countries.  I am also active in our Iron Sharpens Iron camps as one of our 3 speakers for the weekend. These camps are held 3x a year and typically have up to 55 attendees. We ask that you join with us in prayer as we have answered God’s call to enter into full-time ministry. Being a prayer warrior for us is a huge need, as well as the need for financial warriors for us. I want to thank you for taking time to read our story and coming alongside of us in support.   DONATE